Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Doctor, upsets some cinema goers . . . .

Over at, reports have come in over the cinema advertising for Doctor Who's Series 4. Apparently the BBC with its advertising campaign for the show, have spent close to £500,000 promoting the award-winning series to movie goers. Many disgruntled licence payers have now attacked the BBC over this move, stating that it is a waste of money.

A fair enough call really, the show is one of the highest rated programs in the UK. So why is this a necessary expense? Surely with the series in its current winning position, that money could be better utilized elsewhere. An additional episode, a longer Christmas Special or just simply more special effects come to my mind at least.

A viewer expressed his disgust at the spending, after contacting the BBC Radio 4 Feedback show stating "The BBC budget was meant for programming not advertising" and that "these budgets are already under pressure". Jackie Brandreth head of brand at the BBC, has defended this spending. Stating that the corporation always spent a small proportion on its “off air” activities, and that this was an attempt to reach younger audiences. Jackie also said, “The cinema is a pilot project to assess whether this is a good medium to talk to these younger audiences.”

A BBC spokesman said the cinema project had cost less than £500,000. How much less I guess we really all wonder now, £499,999.99? What are your feelings on the matter? I personally enjoyed the trailer, but feel that the money could have been better spent elsewhere. Please feel free to comment on the post.


Daniel R. P. said...

Cool post, it is a bit weird that they spent 500 thousand though!

Mark said...

Nice post, I like the trailers and think its a good way of finding a different audience to advertise a show to.