Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Issue Fifty Six

The Fifty Sixth Issue of Doctor Who Adventures is Out Tomorrow at the Usual Price of £2.10. This Issue Comes Free With a Time Agent Kit which Consists of a Special Folder, Time Agent Badge, a Dalek and Tardis Magnet, a Pen, Holographic Stickers and a Psychic Paper. This Issue is All About the Tardis, DWA Look at how They Created the Look for the Tardis Room Console. The Ultimate Guide Consists of the Lazarus Experiment to the Episode Blink. Issue Fifty Seven is Out on the Twenty Seventh of March. This week in Doctor Who Adventures there’s a look at the most exciting machine in the universe – the Doctor’s TARDIS.

Find out how the design team created the look for the time machine – and take a peek at the amazing controls too!

The issue comes with eight free gifts! There’s a special folder, Time Agent badge, Dalek and TARDIS magnets, pen, holographic stickers and psychic paper just like the Doctor’s.

• Posters: we’ve got the TARDIS inside and out, the Doctor in 42, and Dalek.
• Tales from the TARDIS: the Abzorbaloff reveals his ugly face!
• The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who – The Lazarus Experiment to Blink.
• Quiz: how much do you know about the Cybermen?
• Why we love: robot dog K-9.
• How to… be a scary Clockwork Robot.
• Doctor’s Data: the First Doctor!
• Comic strip: Part one of a new adventure for the Doctor – Every Dog has its Day.
• Time Teasers: help Bloodtide and Doomfinger with this week’s word search and brain teasers.
• Who knows! Your questions answered.
• Win: loads of Doctor Who goodies!
• Subscription offer: subscribe and get a free Cyberman watch!

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Mark said...

Cool post, I got this issue the day before it was actually released :D