Friday, 29 February 2008

Series 4 Script Leak

Two Doctor Who scripts have recently leaked out to the press. Although we do not know what happens in these episodes The Sun claims that (highlight to view):

Episodes nine and ten form a two-parter, which is due to be screened in early summer.
They see the Doctor and sidekick Donna Noble – played by Catherine Tate – ending up in the 51st Century in a giant library, “a whole planet of books”, that’s been abandoned for 100 years.
Ironically the library contains many books that give away SPOILERS about people’s life stories.
ER star Alex Kingston also stars as an astronaut-cum-archaeologist called Professor River Song. The library is full of sinister things such as dead bodies, “data ghosts”, the Suit Creature and the dreaded Vashta Nerada “piranhas of the air – shadows that melt the flesh”.
In later scenes, the Doc and Donna get separated and she ends up in a mysterious hospital where she meets another Doctor – Doctor Moon.
All the while she is trying to work out what is going on and what has happened to her Doctor

This all sounds very exciting if it is indeed true. To read more on this story Click Here.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Invasion Of Time DVD Update

The forthcoming Fourth Doctor story The Invasion Of Time which will be released on DVD has now revealed it will include CGI effects as optional extra’s. 33 effects have now been passed by the British Board of Film Classification which consists of three for episode one, five for episode two, five for episode three, nine for episode four, three for episode five, and eight for episode six. As well as these extras the DVD will include some mini documentaries and also features entitled The Elusive David Agnew and The Rise and Fall of Gallifrey. Furthermore The Invasion Of Time DVD will include a making of documentary called Out Of Time plus an Easter Egg. The date of release for The Invasion Of Time is still yet to be released.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Verity Lambert Tribute Night

The newspaper the Guardian has recently confirmed that BBC Four is planning a tribute night to Verity Lambert who was Doctor Who’s first producer who sadly died last year. This evening will feature a new documentary looking back at Verity’s work including her major role in setting up Doctor Who. This evening is expected to air in April 2008.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Pest Control Cover Released

The cover for the forthcoming Doctor Who audio book starring The Doctor And Donna Noble has now been released. This audio book is entitled Pest Control and will be released on the 8th May 2008 priced at £9.99. Pest Control will be read by The Doctor himself, David Tennant. Below is a short summary of Pest Control aswell as the cover itself.

The Doctor and Donna find themselves in the thick of trouble on a distant planet, where soldiers transform into monstrous beetles, and everyone falls under the threat of a huge, mechanical exterminator.Written by Peter Anghelides exclusively for audio release, this story is read by David Tennant.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bad Wolf PR's The Runaway Bride Next Time Trailer

My latest video is up and it is a fan made Next Time Trailer for the Doctor Who episode The Runaway Bride. The music is the Album Version of the Doctor Who Theme Tune. All clips are © Copyright to the BBC. Special thanks to the BBC and Murray Gold.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 393 With Free CD!

The Cover for the March Issue of Doctor Who Magazine due for Release on the Sixth containing a Free Gift in the Form of a CD featuring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor in the Big Finish Story, Cuddlesome. Aswell as a Free CD Next Months Magazine offers the One Hundred Greatest Deaths in Doctor Who History from the Unearthly Child to the Voyage of the Damned the Recent Christmas Special of the Revived Series. Other Features Include; a Sneak Peak Look at What Happens in the Unicorn and the Wasp when the Doctor and Donna Meet Agatha Christie in Series Four, Freema Agyeman answers Questions from the Tardis Tin, a Chance for Readers to win the Five Doctors Which featured Peter Davison, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, Archive Footage of Tom Baker and Richard Hundall Playing the First Doctor as Sadly William Hartnell Had Passed Away Eight Years Earlier. A Brand New Comic Strip and a Possible Review of the Time Meddler DVD aswell as Something to do With Novice Hame. Doctor Who Magazine Issue 393 will Cost £3.99 and be released on the Sixth of March.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Trial Of A Time Lord DVD Release

Thanks to the BBDC website we know have confirmation that the Trail Of A Time Lord series will soon be coming on DVD shortly. This is likely to be a box set seeing as Trial Of A Time Lord is made up of many episodes. The extras on this DVD that have been so far confirmed are:


As well as this the release date for the 5th Doctor story Black Orchid has been revealed which is 14th April 2008 priced £12.99. This DVD will be released with the following extras:

00:01:27:11 DELETED SCENE 1
00:04:04:22 DELETED SCENE 2
00:01:09:08 DELETED SCENE 3
00:00:20:15 DELETED SCENE 4
00:00:48:11 (EASTER EGG)
00:08:36:09 (BLUE PETER ITEM)
00:02:23:23 POINTS OF VIEW

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Judoon To Return?

Thanks to Whoviannet we now have word that the Judoon are possibly returning to Doctor Who in Series 4. The Doctor Who Exhibition In Cardiff now has a sign up where the Judoon props were claiming, the props had recently been shipped back off to the BBC to use for filming for Series Four, and that they would be returning shortly. Could this mean that we are to see the Judoon once again in Series 4 well I guess we are going to have to wait and find out.

Bad Wolf PR's Smith And Jones Next Time Trailer

My latest video is up and it is a quick fan made Next Time Trailer for the Doctor Who episode Smith And Jones. The music is the Album Version of the Doctor Who Theme Tune. All clips are © Copyright to the BBC. Special thanks to the BBC and Murray Gold.

Friday, 15 February 2008

The Two Time Lords

Here is a fan made trailer i have recently been working on for an episode entitled The Two Timelords. The music is by Murray Gold and is called All The Strange Strange Creatures. This trailer uses clips from the program Doctor Who. All clips are © Copyright to the BBC. Special thanks to the BBC and Murray Gold.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

One Year Later

Today see’s the first birthday of Bad Wolf PR. This time last year I was but a person with an idea for a Doctor Who blog. Although Bad Wolf PR did have some down time last year we are now back thanks to some brilliant contributors. I’d like to take the time to thank each and every visitor to this site as without you Bad Wolf PR wouldn’t be the same. Thank You and look out for more posts soon.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition Inner Cover

Recently Bad Wolf PR reported that the cover for The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition had been released. Now the inner cover of this DVD has also been released. Below is a brief description of this DVD:

All five Doctors (Peter Davison, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Richard Hurndall and Tom Baker) and many of their old companions are taken out of time and deposited in the Death Zone on Gallifrey.There they must battle not only the Master, but Daleks, Cybermen and Yeti in order to reach the Dark Tower and discover the Tomb of Rassilon. This special edition includes new special effects and extra footage not included in the original broadcast.

This DVD will be available from the 3rd March 2007 priced at £19.99. The inner cover can be seen above.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Germany Loose Doctor Who

Not so long ago Bad Wolf PR reported that Doctor Who has finally been allowed to be seen in Germany after two years of waiting. The German Tv Station, ProSieben, pulled it off the air after only 6 episodes of Series 1. With no other resolution many German fans have created a petition which can be seen by Clicking Here.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Doctor, Hero Of Time

I have recently been working on a new video and here it is. This is my first fan made video made on Sony Vegas 8. The song is called Hero by Enrique Iglesias. This video uses clips from Doctor Who Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Voyage Of The Damned. Special thanks to Pookieftw and dillonp23 for their Vegas tutorials. Also a special thanks to piffo for help on how to do some effects. All clips are © Copyright to The BBC. Special Thanks to the BBC and Enrique Iglesias.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Doctor Who Adventures Issue Fifty

The Latest Issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released Last Thursday celebrating its Fiftieth Issue since it was Created back in 2006 to coincide with the Second Series of Doctor Who starring David Tennant and Billie Piper (Now Billie Fox). This Issue begins with the Doctor Who Adventures Team sharing their Favourite Scariest Moments from the New Series and Voyage of the Damned. Also in the Issue the Doctor Who Adventures Team have Interviewed the Doctor himself, David Tennant who speaks about Catherine Tate’s return next year as Donna Noble last seen in the Second Christmas Special The Runaway Bride. This Issue comes with the Free Gifts in the shape of a Tardis School Set, a Tardis Pencil Case, a Pencil, a Rubber, a Ruler, a Note Pad and a Sheet of Stickers. Thanks to Doctor Who Online for the Doctor Who Adventures Cover.50 top scares for issue 50!

This week sees the 50th issue of Doctor Who Adventure hit the shelves. If you’re looking for scares, you’ve come to the right place – we’ll show you the best 50 scary scenes in Doctor Who so far… We also speak to David Tennant, who tells us a bit about Donna in the next series:

“Donna is a whole new world for the Doctor. She’s not how she was in The Runaway Bride, she has a very different energy. She’s a bit more worldly, a bit less easily impressed and she’s very much her own woman.”


  • Posters: A Weeping Angel, a TARDIS and taxi race, and Donna and the Doctor.
  • Tales from the TARDIS – the Empty Child meets the Ninth Doctor.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who – Series One, part 1 – check out our fantastic guide to the first series!
  • Quiz: find out how much you know about the Ood!
  • Comic strip: The Halls of Sacrifice part 1
  • Doctor’s Data: John Lumic – creator of the parallel Cybermen!
  • Time Teasers: fun puzzles with Doomfinger and Bloodtide!

This week’s issue comes with a free TARDIS stationery set and stickers. Catch it before it disappears into time and space...

Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition Cover

The cover for the forthcoming 25th Anniversary Edition of the Doctor Who story The Five Doctor’s has been released. This cover features all 5 doctors as featured in the story. This DVD will be available from the 3rd March 2008 priced at £19.99.

The Fires of Doctor Who Magazine!

The Latest Issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out Today across the United Kingdom (People who have Subscribed got a Day earlier). In this Issue Two Series Four Titles are Confirmed, Episode Two set in Pompeii is called ‘The Fires of Pompeii’ and Episode Ten has been Confirmed to be Midnight. The Magazine reveals that the Voyage of the Damned DVD will have Voyage of the Damned, Time Crash and Doctor Who Confidential on it. Last but not Least Freema talks about her Encounter with the Mighty Sontarans.

Press Release

Actress Freema Agyeman talks exclusively in DWM 392 about her visit to Torchwood and meeting the Sontarans in the forthcoming series of Doctor Who…

Freema laughs as she recalls her first encounter with the squat race of aliens: "When I first saw the guys in prosthetics I couldn’t stop giggling – I found them really cute and quite funny! Er, that’s probably not the desired reaction, is it? Russell (T Davies, Executive Producer) sent me a text saying, 'It’ll be the first time you’ve towered over a baddie' Ha ha! And I did. I felt quite tall."

Also in this month’s feature-packed issue: writer Stephen Greenhorn talks about his forthcoming Series Four episode; director Graham Harper braves questions from Out of the TARDIS Tin; the Team view the voyeurs in Vengeance on Varos; The Fact of Fiction examines the murky truth behind Warriors of the Deep; there’s werewolves and weirdness in the full colour comic strip, Part 2 of Universal Monsters; Russell T Davies pays tribute to a very special lady in Production Notes; Neil Harris stresses the importance of location, location, location in You Are Not Alone; discover if Duncan James minds being interviewed on tape in Who on Earth is…; Sapphire and Steel answer your questions on Voyage of the Damned in the last ever edition of the Matrix Data Bank; plus all the latest Series Four news, previews, reviews, exclusive photos, competitions – and find out if the Doctor can bring some Valentine’s Day joy to Bradley and Stacey from EastEnders!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Fires Of Series 4

Thanks to the latest Doctor Who Magazine a brand new episode name for Doctor Who Series 4 has been announced. The episode name revealed is episode two entitled The Fires Of Pompeii. This episode will be the Pompeii episode where some of which was filmed in Rome. It has also now been confirmed that the episode Midnight will be episode 10 of Series 4.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Voyage Of the Damned Cover Released

The cover for the Voyage Of The Damned DVD has now been released. This cover features The Doctor (David Tennant) and Astrid Peth (Kylie Minogue) as well as a Host and the Titanic. This DVD will be released on 10th March 2007 and will be available from all good entertainment stores. The cover for the Voyage Of The Damned DVD can be seen below.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Website Mod 001: NavBar Changed

Before I really begin, I better introduce myself. I'm 'The Mod Guy' and i'll be carrying out website modifications here and there for Bad Wolf PR. There will always be a post informing you all when I have made a change.

Anyway, regular viewers to the revamped Bad Wolf PR will notice a very handy Nav Bar just underneath the banner. My first real modification to this site has been to change the Nav Bar to clickable 'Tabs', which are animated.

I would like to thank Bad Wolf (Admin of this site) for allowing me to become a contributor to this brilliant site. Check back again soon;

The Mod Guy

Phil Collinson Heads For Manchester

Phil Collinson, Producer of Doctor Who, suggested in a chistmas special podcast that he would be leaving Doctor Who after finishing Series 4. This has now been confirmed as he is moving to BBC Manchester to be Head Of Drama for the region. In Phil's new job he will be responsible for developing links with regional talent, on sceen and off screen, aswell as contributing to shows to the overall BBC drama scedule. Here is what the Official Doctor Who Site had to say:

"Phil has been the secret hero of Doctor Who for the past four years, and we'll miss him more than I can say," noted Russell T Davies, executive producer and lead writer of Doctor Who. "But the most exciting thing about this new job is that so many more producers, writers and actors will get to work with him. I envy them."

"The four years I've spent producing Doctor Who in Cardiff have been incredibly rewarding," said Phil. "The chance to return home to Manchester though and start something completely new, is irresistible. Manchester has always been an amazing centre for excellence in drama production and the chance to establish a formal BBC drama base there, and build on the massive range of local talent, is incredibly exciting. I'm thrilled and honoured to be charged with this task."

Peter Salmon, chief creative officer for the BBC's Vision Productions noted: "Phil Collinson is a terrific addition to a brilliant top team working on in-house drama throughout the UK. BBC drama production will play a substantial role at the new BBC centre at Mediacity:uk through Phil and his team."

I'd like to just take the time to wish the best of luck for Phil in his new job and thank him for all his great work on Doctor Who.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

DWM - Issue 392

The cover for the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine, released on the Seventh of February, has now been revealed. The Doctor, Martha Jones and the New series Sontaran feature on the Cover which goes on Sale at the Price of Three Pounds and Ninety Nine Pence. So far the Only Things that are in the Magazine we know of are; Voyage of the Damned Questions have been Answered, Series Four Casting News, New Comic Strip, Duncan James (Most likely a Interview), News on Bradley and Stacey from EastEnders who are set to Visit a made up Doctor Who Exhibition in London, New Photos, Script Secrets, Graeme Harper (Most likely another Interview), Warriors of the Deep (This Issues possible Time Team Section), DVD’s available to win and a Interview with Martha Jones, Star Freema Agyeman.

Friday, 1 February 2008

New Doctor Who Series Four Trailer!

Doctor Who has Returned to Our Screens Today! Well not our Television Screens but our Big Screens with a New Ninety Second Trailer featuring Clips from Most of the Series. Luckily for the Who Fans who cant go to a Odeon, Cineworld and Empire Cinema Branch the Trailer has been uploaded to Youtube. The Trailer has not got the Best Quality I must Admit but it is still very Amazing.

In the Trailer we see more Shots of the Ood and the Sontarans. At the Start we also get a Short, Sweet Conversation between Donna and Bernard Cribbins who was last Seen in the Recent Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned trying to sell Newspapers in the City of London despite the Fact that everyone had gone to the Country besides the Queen. We also see Shots of the Giant Wasp which will Appear in the Unicorn and the Wasp, a Hand rising from the Water, Unit and a Snow Covered Planet which will most likely be the Ood Planet. Also to top it off at the End a Single shot of Martha Jones played by Freema Agyeman and then Rose Tyler played by Billie Piper. No scenes of Sarah Jane Smith played by Elisabeth Sladen or Captain Jack Harkness have been shown in the Trailer despite them Both making a Possible return to the Fourth Series of Doctor Who.

Edit: Another Trailer has Been Put onto Youtube. This Trailer does have better quality, Better sound but is ruined at the End by People Talking.

Series 4 Cinema Trailer

From February 1st a new 90 second trailer for Doctor Who Series 4 will be shown in cinemas across the UK. Naomi Gibney, the head of marketing at BBC Vision had this to say:

"This is a great opportunity for the BBC to reach new audiences with an exciting preview of the new series of Doctor Who."

According To Digital Spy this trailer will run in Empire, Odeon and Cineworld venues. During December 2007 trailers for Voyage Of The Damned were also shown in many cinemas for the christmas special.