Sunday, 23 March 2008

Series 4 Trailer 2 and Teaser Trailers

The trailer, which was previously aired in many cinema’s across the UK, for Doctor Who Series 4 was last night shown on BBC 1 at 7.00pm. In this trailer we saw clips of The Doctor, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, The Ood, Sontarens and much much more. This trailer has now appeared on the Official Doctor Who Site which can be seen by Clicking Here. This trailer has also been uploaded to the BBC You Tube Channel and can be seen below. Aswell as this trailer, the BBC Doctor Who Site has now updated with 3 new teaser trailers for the Ood, The Sontarens and The Daleks. These trailers can be seen by Clicking Here or by watching the videos below.


Daniel R. P. said...

Cool post, awesome trailer and brilliant teasers! I can't wait.

TipsyKW said...

Sadly, none of those youtube videos work anymore. I went to the bbc website you linked to, but I couldn't get it to show me but a fragment of a second of each trailer. I've got pretty good bandwidth, so I don't think it's that--maybe it's b/c I'm in the US? Any other ideas/places I could see the trailers? I'm way too excited about the new season to not see the them!

Bad Wolf said...

why not try searching on youtube for something like dalek teaser trailer and watch one of the videos not uploaded by the bbc