Monday, 10 March 2008

Starships and Spacestations Information And Cover Released

The cover for the BBC Doctor Who book, Starships and Spacestations, has now been released. Information regarding this book can be seen below:

Starships and Spacestations
by Justin Richards

The Doctor has his TARDIS to get him from place to place and time to time, but the rest of the Universe relies on more conventional transport...

From the British Space Programme of the late twentieth century to Earth's Empire in the far future, from the terrifying Dalek Fleet to deadly Cyber Ships, this book documents the many starships and spacestations that the Doctor and his companions have encountered on their travels.

He has solved mysterious on spacestations and stopped invasions spearheaded by starships. He has been held prisoner in space, escaped from the moon, witnessed the arrival of the Sycorax and the crash landing of a space pig...More than anyone else, the Doctor has seen the development of space travel between countless worlds.

In this stunningly-illustrated book, "Doctor Who" historian Justin Richards documents the amazing story of Earth's ventures into space, examines the many alien fleets who have paid Earth a visit, and explores the other starships and spacestations that the Doctor has encountered on his many travels...

The cover for Starships and Spacestations can also be seen below and features The Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) on the cover as well as some Daleks and the Tardis interior.


Mark said...

Great post, I love the cover, will definitely be buying it :D

Daniel R. P. said...

Cool post and love the cover!