Wednesday, 23 January 2008

There's Something Of A Wolf About You?

We are now pleased to reveal, as you may have noticed, that Bad Wolf PR is officially back and back in business. Bad Wolf PR is back with a new design which i hope you will like and find it a refreshing change. This new Bad Wolf PR will update you on all the latest Doctor Who news from the new series to merchandise and reviews to the classic series: Bad Wolf PR will be with you every step of the way. Unlike last time i will be joined by contributors and so far Robert has agreed to help out. We are also on the look out for more contributors so if your interested please comment in the section below. Finally if you would like to see how Bad Wolf PR used to look then Click Here. That seems to be it for now so make sure you keep visiting this site and keep checking for updates.


Mark said...

This is fantastic news, great to see Bad Wolf PR is back and in a new design ,love it!

Daniel R. P. said...

This is awesome really love the new design.
Plus may I join this site as a contributer?

Axlart said...

Glad thats its back. =D Also I can be a contributer if you want. Its all up to you

Hitbob said...

can i be a contributor?

Lewis said...

The text seems a little too bright and boldy, but glad it's back!

Just got a new video ont YouTube :)