Monday, 21 January 2008

Episode Guide

Here is a complete episode guide for the new series of Doctor Who. This space will be updated as we learn more episode names.

Series 1

1: Rose
2: The End Of The World
3: The Unquiet Dead
4: Aliens Of London
5: World War Three
6: Dalek
7: The Long Game
8: Father's Day
9: The Empty Child
10: The Doctor Dances
11: Boom Town
12: Bad Wolf
13: The Parting Of The Ways

Series 2

X: The Christmas Invasion
1: New Earth
2: Tooth And Claw
3: School Reunion
4: The Girl In The Fireplace
5: Rise Of The Cybermen
6: The Age Of Steel
7: The Idiots Lantern
8: The Impossible Planet
9: The Satan Pit
10: Love And Monsters
11: Fear Her
12: Army Of Ghosts
13: Doomsday

Series 3

X: The Runaway Bride
1: Smith And Jones
2: The Shakespeare Code
3: Gridlock
4: Daleks In Manhattan
5: Evolution Of The Daleks
6: The Lazarus Experiment
7: 42
8: Human Nature
9: The Family Of Blood
10: Blink
11: Utopia
12: The Sound Of Drums
13: Last Of The Time Lords

Series 4

X: Voyage Of The Damned
1: Partners In Crime
2: The Fires Of Pompeii
3: Planet Of The Ood
4: The Sontaran Stratagem
7: The Unicorn And The Wasp
8: Silence In The Library
10: Midnight


Mark said...

Cool love the episode guide, love the site great to see its back :D

Daniel R. P. said...

Great to see this site is back!
Yeah I love the episode guide too!
Great great great and Torchwood is on tonight :D

dalek94 said...

yeh, nice site, can i just ask you know the episode guide it is really good but shouldnt there be a link to one of your posts describing the episode?
But really nice site, i will add it to my bookmarks!!!!!

WhoFanNo1 said...

A little Info for you

Series 4

1: Partners in Crime
2: The Fires of Pompeii
3: Planet of the Ood
4: The Sontaran Stratagem
5: The Poison Sky
6: The Doctor's Daughter
7: The Unicorn and the Wasp
8: Silence in the Library
9: Forest of the Dead(Previously 'River's Run'
10: Midnight
11: Turn Left
12: Title Unknown
13: Journey's End