Saturday, 26 January 2008

Sarah Jane Is Back?

For those who wish to not be spoiled for Doctor Who Series 4 I suggest you look away now.

Yesterday Bad Wolf PR reported that John Barrowman who plays Captain Jack Harkness will be returning to Doctor Who for Series 4. There has also been speculation to whether Elizabeth Sladen, who plays Sarah Jane Smith, will be returning in Series 4. Well now we have even more proof of this thanks to her recent interview with SFX Magazine. Here is what Elizabeth had to say:

“You must know how many people are in it," she says, referring to the number of special guests from the Doctor’s (recent) past who, it's been confirmed, will be making reappearances alongside Sarah Jane.

"So I don't think I'll be at the centre of things. I would think it would be apportioned off, a bit here a bit there, and the major people will be the Doctor and Donna. That is my take on it. We are coming back to reinforce an already established team. So I don’t think I’ll be leading the group, if you know what I mean! I think there will be a distinct kind of sectioning and apportioning off. Because you can only do so much with so many people."

This interview seems to confirm the rumours that their will be a all star finale with some of the Doctor's companions. Remember though it hasn't been confirmed which episode she will be in, so it could or could not be the finale.


Daniel R. P. said...

Awesome post!
That episode(s) she is gonna be is are defiantly gonna be awesome alongside more special guests!
Can't wait!

Gaz said...

I hope this is true! It sounds immense!

Mark said...

Great post, wooo Sarah Jane's coming back another great character. Can't wait for Doctor Who Series 4 not to mention the Doctor Who Series 4 Finale :D