Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Invasion Of Time DVD Update

The forthcoming Fourth Doctor story The Invasion Of Time which will be released on DVD has now revealed it will include CGI effects as optional extra’s. 33 effects have now been passed by the British Board of Film Classification which consists of three for episode one, five for episode two, five for episode three, nine for episode four, three for episode five, and eight for episode six. As well as these extras the DVD will include some mini documentaries and also features entitled The Elusive David Agnew and The Rise and Fall of Gallifrey. Furthermore The Invasion Of Time DVD will include a making of documentary called Out Of Time plus an Easter Egg. The date of release for The Invasion Of Time is still yet to be released.


Daniel R. P. said...

Cool post!

Mark said...

Great post, it's good to see more classic stories coming to DVD.